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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
  New Arrivals: Menil Bookstore 10/19/2007
New Arrivals at the Menil Collection Bookstore for 10/19/2007

Renzo Piano Museums
Essay by Victoria Newhouse
For many museums, Renzo Piano is the architect of choice. This volume examines Piano’s long and rich history in the design of spaces specifically for viewing art. The book is structured like an expanded portfolio of projects, beginning with one of his most famous and visible buildings, the Centre Pompidou, on which he partnered in the design with English architect Richard Rogers. The Menil Collection has special importance to Piano, being his first American project, and he describes the rooms of the Menil as “sacred” spaces. Also discussed are the Fondation Beyeler, the Nasher Sculpture Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the High Museum of Art. Renzo Piano Museums is lavishly illustrated and features an essay by Menil aficionado Victoria Newhouse.

Price: $60.00
Member Price: $54.00 or less depending on the membership level.

A Rose Has No Teeth: Bruce Nauman in the 1960s
By Constance M. Lewallen
This companion volume to the exhibition of the same name examines Bruce Nauman’s development as an artist in the mid-1960s while he was a student at UC Davis. Lewallen traces the impact of teachers like William T. Wiley and the burgeoning literary and dance scenes of the 1960s Bay Area on Nauman in his shift away from painting into sculptural and conceptual pursuits. While other exhibitions have sought to focus on Nauman’s early work, this volume is the first of its kind to do so from such a pointed regional perspective. Lewallen’s thesis is that despite the artist having left Northern California in 1969, Nauman had already established much of the artistic vocabulary that was to play a part in his work until now. A Rose Has No Teeth looks at various themes that run through his work, such as; the artist’s studio as site; the inversion of inside and outside; the tension between exposure and concealment; and the artistic potential of quotidian activities.

Price: $39.95
Member Price: $35.96 or less depending on the membership level.

Mark Rothko 2008 Calendar, super-deluxe wall size
National Gallery of Art
This poster-sized calendar features six Rothko masterpieces with two months per image on each page. The calendars are packaged in a large cardboard portfolio with handles for easy transportation from the store. Works included are:
Red Band, 1955
Sketch for Mural (Blue on Red with Two Verticals)( Harvard Mural Sketch), 1962
Untitled, 1949
Untitled, 1969
No. 3, 1947
Untitled, 1970
Calendar dimensions are 60cm x 90cm, or 23.6” x 35.4”.

Price: $65.00
Member Price: $58.50 or less depending on the membership level.

Robert Gober: Sculptures and Installations 1979-2007
Edited by Theodora Vischer
This most recent exhibition of Gober’s work took place at the Schaulager in Basel, Switzerland and is a nearly complete look at the oeuvre of Robert Gober. This catalog is a must for Gober fans and artists alike. Each entry includes the particulars of the piece as well as the occasional descriptive contextual entry by Gober himself, including notes on the creative process and information about the model or source material. This book is massive, with 518 pages, and will certainly be the go-to book for future generations of art historians.

Price: $85.00
Member Price: $76.50 or less depending on the membership level.
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