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Thursday, December 15, 2005
  Moleskine Notebooks

Do you have an idea that needs jotting down? Are you a misunderstood genius? Are you keeping track of everything that irritates you? Why not peruse the Menil Bookstore's new selection of Moleskine Notebooks in 4 different styles. We now stock the large blank sketchbooks and pocket-sized versions of the ruled, gridded, and storyboard Moleskines. Storyboard Moleskines are perfect for the designer in your life and can be used to layout thumbnails for motion graphics work or even comic strips. The ruled and gridded versions are great for getting things done through lists, etc. The large sketchbooks have a heavy-duty smooth paper that is ideal for use with markers, pen and ink, pencils, or even wet media. The pocket-sized notebooks are $11.00 and the large sketchbooks will set you back $16.00. I personally use these notebooks and can vouch for their high standard of quality. These are only available a few other places in Houston and we are the only stockists for the storyboard version (see illus. above). Of related interest is a new publication distributed by D.A.P., called Armpit of the Mole, which features sketchbook pages from a large selection of mostly European contemporary artists that use Moleskine notebooks. It is currently unavailable at the bookstore, but we plan on restocking in the near future.
Oh excellent! Any chance you have ones with graph paper lines inside? Willy likes those - I like all of them.m
yes, we do have gridded Moleskines. they're what i use for note-taking too.
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